On 21 July 1863, Vladimir Krasnyansky, a historian, regional specialist, teacher, public figure was born

On 21 July 1863, Vladimir Gavrilovich Krasnyansky, a historian, regional specialist, teacher, public figure was born.

Vladimir Krasnyansky graduated from St.-Petersburg History and Philology Institute, the department of history and geography, in 1886. He taught history, geography and Russian in the Real School in Bialystok and Minsk Gymnasium (1886-1903), was an assistant archivist at the Vilna Central Archives of Ancient Records and headed the office of Vilna School District (1903-1906), was the headmaster of Mstislavl Gymnasium and Vitebsk Real School (1906-1917), a member of Vitebsk Scholarly Archival Commission (1911-1918), researcher at the Vitebsk branch of Moscow Archeological Institute (1921-1922). He was engaged in excavations of burial mounds in the Borisov district. His scientific interests included the Patriotic War of 1812, the history of Mstislavl and Vitebsk.

Vladimir Krasnyansky is best known as a museologist. In the difficult post-revolutionary years in Vitebsk he was engaged in studying and uniting the museums of V. P. Feodorovich, the Church and Archaeological Antiquity Repository, and the Vitebsk Scholarly Archival Commission. He laid the foundation for the work on accounting, systematization and description of Vitebsk museum collections.

The State Archives of Vitebsk Region holds documents relating to Vladimir Krasnyansky.