The Archives & Records Management Journal

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Journal type: scholarly, illustrated

Range of publications:

  • Normative and legal acts, state standards, instructions, procedural recommendations on archives and records management
  • Summaries of doctoral and candidate dissertations relating to historical disciplines and defended in the Republic of Belarus
  • Practical recommendations on the creation, processing, systematization, maintenance, selection and preservation of the administrative, personnel, scholarly, scientific, technical and other documentation provided by the leading specialists of the Department of Archives and Records Management, the Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management & Archival Studies, the Belarusian Research Centre for Electronic Records, as well as by the specialists of the central government agencies and the lecturers of the Belarusian State University’s history faculty
  • Surveys of state inspections conducted by the State Inspection for Archives & Records Management of Belarus in various institutions, with the analysis of the defects revealed and recommendations on their removal
  • Materials on the development of archives and records management in Belarus and other countries
  • Materials on archive science, heraldry, genealogy, and archival publications 
  • Information concerning the activities of the Heraldry Commission under the President of the Republic of Belarus
  • Reviews of archival and records journals of Russia, Ukraine and Poland
  • Reviews of the procedural literature on archives and records management published in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine
  • Chronicle of the important events in the field of archives and records management (conferences, workshops, exhibitions, presentations, delegations, appointments, etc.)
  • Advertizing and publicity about archival activities as well as the goods & services related to archives and records management

Language: Russian and Belarusian

Periodicity: six times a year

Format: 60x84x1/16

Number of pages: 160

Circulation: 2 410 copies, Issue 1, 2014