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03 June 2014
On 19 June 2014 the Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) holds a new workshop Records Management and Archives: Modern Requirements

The workshop will address the following issues:
  • legislative base in records management and archive business in the Republic of Belarus and the system of state control over its observance;
  • requirements to organizational and administrative records according to STB 6.38-2004 Standard “Unified Systems of Documentation in the Republic of Belarus. System of Organizational and Administrative Documentation. Requirements to Making Records” (blank forms, records attributes and texts), making of certain types of records (orders, minutes, acts, reports etc.);
  • circulation of records in an institution (the concept, different schemes, registration, records receipt, execution and registration), records tracking;
  • types of file classification plans, procedures for their creation, confirmation, organisation and use;
  • file organisation and records appraisal (appraisal criteria and methods, expert commissions, records schedules, destruction of records and files with temporary retention periods);
  • creation of permanent files and their transfer to an institutional archive for preservation, making of file inventories and other registration records;
  • finding aids, records registration, preservation and use.

The seminars are given by consultant expert E.N. Davydova, director at BelNIIDAD A.E. Rybakov and other experts in records management and archive business, authors of normative acts, guidances and regulations.

19 May 2014

On 22 May 2014 the National Historical Archives of Belarus hosts a presentation of the book of documents Belarus in the First World War 1914-1918.

The book consists of four sections including over 200 documents illustrating various aspects of the life of the Belarusian people during the First World War: war situation in Belarus, assistance to the civilian population and persons who suffered in the result of military operations, the situation in the areas occupied by the enemy, the life of German and Austria-Hungarian POWs in Belarus, etc. Special attention is given to the topics of espionage and pro-German attitudes, the evacuation of people and material resources, aviation raids and anti-aircraft defense, assistance to the refugees, the sick and the wounded, the policy of the Occupation authorities, and more.

The documents published in the book have been identified at the National Historical Archives of Belarus in Minsk and the National Historical Archives of Belarus in Grodno.

17 March 2014
Dear readers and users of archival information!

From 20 March to 30 September 2014 the National Historical Archives of Belarus in Grodno temporarily stop its work due to moving into a new building.

Please excuse the inconvenience caused by the interruption in the archive’s work. See later new information on the archive’s address, telephones and work schedule.

16 January 2014
Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) holds a new workshop SPECIFICS OF ELECTRONIC RECORDKEEPING. CIRCULATION OF ELECTRONIC RECORDS.

The workshop is held on 29 January 2014.

The issues on the agenda:

1. Concept of electronic record and record in electronic form. Specific features of electronic recordkeeping in comparison with paper records.

2. Domestic normative legal acts and procedural records in electronic recordkeeping.

3. Authentication in electronic recordkeeping.

4. Requirements to information security and procedures for its access.

5. Selection of electronic records for preservation in archives.

6. Preservation of electronic records in institutions.

The workshop is conducted by the director of the Belarusian Research Centre for Electronic Records V.L. Nosevich, Ph.D., author of normative acts, training aids and procedural guidance in electronic records.

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