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01 November 2013
Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) holds a new workshop entitled Records Management Without Mistakes.

The workshop takes place on 19 November 2013.

The issues on the agenda:

1. Legislation in records management and archive business in the Republic of Belarus and the responsibility for its violation.

2. Rules for the preparation of records in accordance with the Instruction for records management in government agencies and other institutions (resolution by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus No. 4 of 19.01.2009). The unified system of organizational and administrative records.
...2.1. Records attributes, forms, corner stamp, records bearing the seal of the institution.
...2.2. Requirements for the text of records.
...2.3. Specifics of the preparation and execution of individual types of records (orders, directives, instructions, resolutions, minutes, memoranda, certificates, letters).
...2.4. Rules for the creation and certification of the copies of records (resolutions by the Council of Ministers No 1256 of 30.12.2012, Ministry of Justice No 9 of 15.01.2013).

3. Organization of work with records.
...3.1. Circulation of records in institutions. Receipt, registration and execution of incoming records. Registration and despatch of internal records.
...3.2. Document execution control.
...3.3. Creation, confirmation, organization and use of file classification plans in institutions.
...3.4. Creation and organization of files in record keeping.

4. Archival aspects in record keeping.
...4.1. Records appraisal in record keeping. Procedures for conducting an appraisal. Work of an expert commission within an institution. Records retention schedules.
...4.2. Transfer of files to an institutional archive for preservation. Preparation of files for transfer to an institutional archive. Making of file inventories in internal divisions.
...4.3. Destruction of records and files with temporary retention periods.

5. Specifics of work with electronic records. Electronic recordkeeping.

The seminars are conducted by the expert consultant E.N. Davydova, the BelNIIDAD’s director A.E. Rybakov and other high qualifying specialists and authors of normative documents, training aids and procedural guidance in records management and archive business.
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