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01 November 2019
On 21 November 2019 the Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) holds a workshop “Creation of File Classification Plans in Institutions, General and Agency File Plans”.

The issues on the agenda:
  • Legislative requirements for creation of file plans in institutions
  • The normative, procedural and information basis for creation of file plans
  • Purposes, types and functions of file plans
  • Preparatory work for creation of file plans
  • Procedure of creation, signing and confirmation of file plans in institutions and internal divisions
  • Schemes (principles) of file plans in institutions
  • Formation and classification of file titles in a file plan
  • Rules for file indexing
  • File retention scheduling
  • Purposes, procedures and specifics of general (model) and standard (agency-specific) file plans

The workshop is conducted by BelNIIDAD Director A. Rybakov and expert-consultant E. Davydova, authors of normative acts, training and procedural guidance in records management and archive business.
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28 November 2019
The Department for Archives and Records Management holds a direct telephone line on “The Reading Rooms of the State Archives of the Republic of Belarus” More >>
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27 August 2019
The website presents online exhibition of documents “Legal foundations of administration in Belarusian lands in 14th-18th centuries” More >>
Archival news
03 December 2019
The State Archives of Brest Region offers an exhibition of documents on 75th anniversary of the Brest Regional Institute of Education Development More >>
02 December 2019
The Department for Archives and Records Management held a board meeting More >>
25 November 2019
A collection of documents “History of development of industrial enterprises in Rechitsa District: evidences from archives” has been released More >>
22 November 2019
Minsk library presents a virtual local history excursion “Voronyansky Street: At the Crossroads of Space and Time” More >>
15 November 2019
Deputy Director of the Department for Archives and Records Management Alexey Tsvetkov took part in the Round Table on Presentation of Encyclopaedic Editions More >>