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29 February 2016
On 26 February 2016 the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Justice Ministry held a board meeting to discuss the issues concerning the implementation of the Archives of Belarus State Program in 2011-2015 and the state of work with non-government organizations.

On the first issue, the results of the Archives of Belarus State Program include the major repair of buildings at the State Archives of Brest Region, the Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings and the Central Laboratory for Microfilming and Restoration of Records, the expansion of storage area for records at the Local State Archives in Lida, the improvement of security and fire protection at the National Historical Archives of Belarus, the regional state archives in Vitebsk, Grodno and Mogilev, and the local state archives in Pinsk and Bobruisk. The software has been designed for the web-portal “The system of open access to the National Archival Holdings of the Republic of Belarus”. The automated information system for audio and video records has been created at the Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings. All the state-run archives have currently local computer networks and upgraded computer equipment. In all, 39,9 billion rubles have been spent on the implementation of the Archives of Belarus State Program in 2011-2015.

On the second issue it was noted that the state archives organize their work with non-government organizations in accordance with the Belarusian legislation in the sphere of archives and RM, provide the required consultation, procedural and practical assistance to non-government organizations in work with documents and their preparation for transfer to the state archives for permanent preservation.

The Department Board advise the state archives to strengthen control over appraisal services, work of NGO archives, and the development of local normative legal acts in archives and RM at the non-government institutions.

01 February 2016
The website of the Belarusian State Archives-Museum of Literature and Art has created an online exhibition dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the People’s Writer of Belarus, Ivan SHAMYAKIN.

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28 November 2019
The Department for Archives and Records Management holds a direct telephone line on “The Reading Rooms of the State Archives of the Republic of Belarus” More >>
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27 August 2019
The website presents online exhibition of documents “Legal foundations of administration in Belarusian lands in 14th-18th centuries” More >>
Archival news
03 December 2019
The State Archives of Brest Region offers an exhibition of documents on 75th anniversary of the Brest Regional Institute of Education Development More >>
02 December 2019
The Department for Archives and Records Management held a board meeting More >>
25 November 2019
A collection of documents “History of development of industrial enterprises in Rechitsa District: evidences from archives” has been released More >>
22 November 2019
Minsk library presents a virtual local history excursion “Voronyansky Street: At the Crossroads of Space and Time” More >>
15 November 2019
Deputy Director of the Department for Archives and Records Management Alexey Tsvetkov took part in the Round Table on Presentation of Encyclopaedic Editions More >>