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29 September 2015
The First Scholarly Conference of National State Archives of Slavic Countries dedicated to the events of the First World War took place on 24-26 September 2015 in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia. The conference was held under the aegis of the Forum of Slavic Cultures and the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

Director of the National Historical Archives of Belarus D. Yatsevich delivered a report on the topic, The First World War in the documents of the National Historical Archives of Belarus.

The Forum of Slavic Cultures is an international organization that unites representatives of culture, education, archives and science from the Slavic-speaking countries. The Forum’s headquarters are in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Full members or observers at the Forum are representatives from 13 Slavic countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro and Czechia.

The conference program included the presentation of the book of documents “Belarus in the First World War”, which was prepared by the National Historical Archives of Belarus on the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

28 September 2015
Book coverThe State Archives of Public Organizations of Gomel Region has published a collection of documents, Gomel Region in 1943-1953: Documents and Materials.

The book contains 134 documents: 82 from the State Archives of Public Organizations of Gomel Region, 27 from the State Archives of Gomel Region, and 25 from the Local State Archives in Mozyr.

Most of the documents have been published for the first time. During the selection process, the priority was given to the original exemplars and, if unavailable, to their authorized copies.

The book includes resolutions of the higher organs of power (the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR and the BSSR), proceedings of the bureau sessions and resolutions of the CP(b)B regional, municipal and district committees, decisions of the local authorities (executive committees of the Soviets of Workers’ Deputies and their structural divisions), memoranda, reports and information of the Party and Soviet government bodies and other institutions, the statistic documentation. These documents reflect the policy of the Communist Party and the Government and do not claim to give a full and objective picture of historical reality.

The book is well illustrated. The photos include portraits of the leading figures of Gomel region in 1943-1953, pictures of the town of Gomel made in the period after the war, and episodes of the daily life of the town and the village and of the production and cultural activities. The book also includes photocopies of singular pages from the newspaper “Gomelskaya Pravda” and photos available from the Gomel Palace and Park Complex Historical-Cultural Institution.

The selected documents provide a comprehensive idea about the political, economic, social and cultural processes taking place in Gomel and Polesye regions in the first decade after the Nazi occupation. These will be of interest for specialists in the field, as well as for anyone interested in the Soviet history of Gomel Region.

28 September 2015
The State Archives of Minsk Region has prepared a virtual exhibition of documents, Komsomol is My Pride.

The exhibition presents interesting documents relating to the history of the Young Communist League (Komsomol) and the life of Komsomol members in Minsk Region.

16 September 2015
On 15 September 2015 the Belarusian town of Smorgon hosted the events dedicated to 100 years since the beginning of the defense of this town during the First World War. The Smorgon Regional Museum held a round table on the topic “The state and perspectives of the studies and preservation of the military historical heritage of the First World War in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation : 100 Years of the Battle of Smorgon”. Attended at the round table were historians, archivists, museum workers and regional specialists.

The Belarusian and Russian archivists were represented at the event by the Director of the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Justice Ministry of the Republic of Belarus, Vladimir Adamushko and the Chief of the Federal Archival Agency of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Andrei Artizov. At the round table they delivered reports on “Records of the state archives in Belarus relating to the events of the First World War” and “The Russian archives and the preservation of the memory of the First World War”.

07 September 2015

Front cover
The Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) has released the Methodical Recommendations for Appraisal of Patent Records and their Selection for Permanent Preservation.

This procedural guidance provides principles and criteria to define scientific, historical and practical importance of patent records and to select them for preservation by the state. Examines issues concerning the
administration of patent records appraisal and the specifics of this activity by the patent agency and the institutions who are applicants and owners of industrial property rights. Also discusses issues of preparation
of the appraisal results and provides samples for relevant documents.

Front cover
BelNIIDAD has released the General Filing Plan for District and Municipal Executive Committees.

This model filing classification plan aims to assist staff members of district and city executive committees in making individual classification plans. Provides a list of file titles according to the procedure of documenting
the standard functions of district and municipal executive committees, defines the optimal arrangement of files and their retention time on the basis of normative documents.

02 September 2015
On the Day of Knowledge on 1st September, Director of the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Justice Ministry V. Adamushko and Director of Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) A. Rybakov took part in a meeting with first-year students of the History Faculty of the Belarusian State University (specializations of History and Archival Studies & Records Management).

During the meeting the new students were told about the profession of an archivist, the work of state archival institutions in the Republic of Belarus and the future perspectives.

02 September 2015
Chief of the department for relations with Russia and former USSR countries, microfilming project manager at the National Archives of Finland, Professor Dmitry Frolov makes a visit to Belarus on 31 August - 4 September 2015.

On 1 September 2015 a meeting was held at the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus between Director of the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Justice Ministry V.I. Adamushko and Director of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus V.I. Kurash with Mr. D. Frolov. The sides signed the Agreement for cooperation between the Archives Department of Belarus and the National Archives of Finland and discussed issues of further development of bilateral relations in the field of archives and perspectives of joint archival projects. Professor D. Frolov will acquaint with activities of central state archives in Belarus and the State Archives of Vitebsk Region.

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