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28 October 2009
EURASICA 10th General Conference and International Round Table "New Technologies in the Field of Preservation of Archival Documents" is held in Yerevan, Armenia, on October 29-30, 2009. Also, on this date the Consultative Council of heads of the state archival services of the state members of the Commonwealth of Independent States will hold a regular meeting to discuss issues related to archive business in CIS countries, the training of archive professionals, the participation of archival agencies in records management, etc.

Participants from Belarus side are V.I. Adamushko, Director at the Department for Archives and Records Management, V.L. Nosevich, Director of the Belarusian Research Centre of Electronic Records and V.D. Selemenev, Director of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus

08 October 2009
On 5 October 2009, on the eve of the Archivist Day, the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus hosted a meeting of the coordinators of primary organizations of the Society of Belarusian Archivists to discuss the objectives and prospects of this public association.

The chairman of the board of the Society of Belarusian Archivists, L. M. Lisova, congratulated the participants on the occasion of the Archivist Day.

The director of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, V. D. Selemenev, informed the participants about the archives’ activities and foreign relations. The board deputy chairman and former director of this archives, E. I. Baranovski, made a report on the topic of "Archives and their role in development of social sciences".

The issues of integration between the professional activity and the work at the society of archivists’ primary organization were dealt in the report by the director of the State Archives of Vitebsk Region, T. M. Svistunova.

The meeting resulted in the adoption of an action plan for the preparation of the 20th anniversary of the Society of Belarusian Archivists, which is to be celebrated in 2010.
In conclusion, the participants visited an exhibition titled "The documentary image of our native land" presenting documents selected from various state archives of the Republic of Belarus.

07 October 2009

Dear colleagues!
Congratulations on the Archivist Day!
Thanks to the dedicated work of the archivists in the State Archives Service of the Republic of Belarus, all people who are not indifferent to their past can see and appreciate the documentary heritage of our country.
We wish you health, happiness, well-being, and success in your hard but respected work for our dear Belarus!

The Department for Archives and Records Management
of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus
6 October 2009

07 October 2009
The third meeting of the international council on the project for the virtual reconstruction of the Radziwills’ documentary heritage and book collections was held on October 2, 2009 at Mir Castle, Mir, the Republic of Belarus in the framework of the Regional Project "Documentary Heritage of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth/Rzeczpospolita". The meeting was organized by the Belarusian Research Centre for Electronic Records with the participation of the National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO and with the financial support of the UNESCO Moscow Office.

The participants of the meeting included specialists and officials from archives and libraries in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Finland, and representatives from the Belarusian Culture Foundation and the National History and Culture Museum-Reserve "Nesvizh".

The participants welcomed the decision of the UNESCO International Advisory Committee taken on August 31, 2009 to include the Radziwills’ documentary heritage and book collections into the UNESCO "Memory of the World" Register and emphasized the importance of the joint efforts undertaken in the framework of the project.

The council members reported about their work in pursuance of the previous decisions, and in particular about the implementation of the project "Documentary Heritage of Rzeczpospolita" and the preparation of a demonstration compact disc "The Radziwills’ Documentary Heritage (registers of the library and museum collections of the Nesvizh entail)". It was noted that all conditions have been available for completing the projects by the end of 2009. This will result in the creation of a unified information resource that would describe the contents of the major archival holdings and libraries’ manuscript collections covering the period of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, including a more detailed description of the Radziwills’ Nesvizh archives. The compact disc will present the digitized copies of the most important registers of the Nesvizh Library and descriptions of the museum pieces which had been preserved at Nesvizh, thus helping specialists to further the virtual reconstruction of this collection.

The participants confirmed that the newly-created information resource would be given to all participating countries for free use and that their archives and libraries would provide all interested persons with access to the information, also by means of its placement on their websites. They also confirmed their readiness to continue, on the basis of the existing agreements, the exchange of archive and library copies and the joint acquisition of the information resource.

The participants made the decision that it would be advisable to create a Centre of Studies of the Radziwills’ Documentary Heritage, based at the National History and Culture Museum-Reserve "Nesvizh", which could assume responsibility for the maintenance and acquisition of the database and a specialized website. In this connection, they requested the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus to take an appropriate decision. It was also decided that before the creation of the centre the Belarusian Research Centre for Electronic Records would continue the coordination of works for the project.

A final document was adopted on the results of the meeting, which set out several steps for further implementation of the project. In particular, the Council requested the respective bodies in the participating countries to initiate the adoption of international projects, within the European Union, the Council of Europe and other international organizations, for studies and virtual reconstruction of the documentary heritage of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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