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29 June 2009
The National Archives of the Republic of Belarus offers two exhibitions based on the unique documents relating to partisan and underground movement in the Second World War.

The exhibition "The Unconquerable Belarus" prepared in collaboration with the National Library of Belarus presents materials of partisan and underground press dating from the years 1942-1944.
In all, the Archive’s collection totals 177 titles of newspapers of Belarusian underground regional and district executive committees, and partisan units.

In 1942, when the struggle against the Nazis on the occupied territory rapidly increased, only nine underground newspapers were published using a printing press, five of which are displayed at the exposition. At that time newspapers were brought into the occupied area of Belarus from the Soviet home front, entailing great difficulties. But already in the late 1942, publishing activities began to spread behind the enemy's line with the use of typewriters and hectographs.

Newspapers published by underground organizations, despite their short print run and small size, played an important role in raising the population to fight against the occupiers.

The exhibition also presents memoirs and reports of partisan brigades and detachments about combat operations and common people’s life in the enemy’s rear. Of especial interest are the drawings and pictures made by direct participants in the struggle against the enemy.

Another exhibition, prepared by this Archive in collaboration with the Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings, has been staged at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus. In addition to underground press and drawings, this exhibition presents archival documents relating to Belarus’ liberation from the Nazis.

15 June 2009
On 10 June 2009, during an official visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, K. Masimov, into Minsk, Belarus, an agreement was concluded for cooperation in archives between the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The agreement was signed by the Director of the Department of Archives and Records Management under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus, A. Adamushko, and the Chairman of the Committee for Information and Archives under the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, B. Omarov.

The Agreement promotes further cooperation between the state archives and other institutions in these countries in the sphere of documents preservation, management and use. This creates a legal basis for cooperation in archive business between the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Agreement provides cooperation in the following areas: the provision of security to archival holdings; the creation of good conditions for documents storage and preservation; the development of international archive projects in the State registration and maintenance of archival documents and the development of finding aids; the submission of information regarding the composition and contents of archival holdings; the exchange of copies of documents on the history and culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Parties agreed to provide mutual assistance in the use of documents needed for answering social and legal queries submitted by citizens and institutions in both countries.

The Agreement ensures the exchange of normative and legal acts, documents and other information in the field of archives and records management, as well as the exchange of archival publications of mutual interest. Also, the exchange of best practices in archives will be promoted, particularly through familiarization visits, training workshops, and consultations, on the basis of programs and agreements concluded between the archival services of these countries.

15 June 2009
On 10 June 2009, the Gorki Library in Brest hosted a presentation of the scholarly edition entitled "Brest in 1919-1939. Documents and Materials" prepared by the State Archives of Brest Region in collaboration with the faculty of the Brest Pushkin State University history department.

The book presents 187 documents relating to the history of the town of Brest in the years 1919-1939, which are held at the State Archives of Brest Region. These illuminate the activities of the local self-government and the police, the demographical situation in the town, economics, municipal services, the social and political situation, healthcare and education, cultural life and religious situation, as well as the situation in the town on the eve and in the early days of the Second World War. Almost all documents have been published for the first time. The book is illustrated with copies of documents and photographs.

The edition is intended for scholars, historians, local specialists, and all who are interested in the history of the town of Brest.

08 June 2009
On 28 May 2009, a joint board of the Federal Archival Service of Russia (Rosarkhiv) and the Department of Archives and Records Management of the Ministry of Justice of Belarus (Department) held a session in Vitebsk, Belarus, to discuss the issue of "Archival practices in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation in the creation and development of finding aids to the documents of the National Archival Holdings of the Republic of Belarus and the Archival Holdings of the Russian Federation".
The session also discussed the fulfillment of actions according to the Plan of joint actions of the Rosarkhiv and the Department for the years 2008–2010 and other issues of bilateral cooperation between the Belarusian and Russian archivists.

It has been noted that archival institutions in these countries view the creation and development of archival finding aids as an important part of providing access to and use of information resources of the national archival holdings in the interests of individual citizens, society and the State and that they have achieved certain positive results in this sphere.

In the Republic of Belarus there are now twenty two multi-archive guides and guides to individual state archives; another twenty guides covering various archives are being in preparation, a system of catalogues has expanded, holdings surveys and thematic surveys are being in extensive use. In the Russian Federation the number of published guides has increased significantly, with guides to holdings of selected federal archives being published in many volumes.

Both the countries now provide their citizens with access to information about the composition and contents of the declassified records. The finding aids to social and legal records are also being extensively developed.

In the Republic of Âelarus there are 64 automated information retrieval systems and 86 thematic databases. Archival documents are being digitized within the frames of "The Concept of the digitization of the documents relating to the State part of the National Archival Holdings" designed by the Belarusian Research Centre for Electronic Records. The Finding Aids software module is currently being designed for the Unified Archive Information System intended for the creation of electronic finding aids.
Also, the Russian Federation has implemented a number of big projects for the creation of electronic finding aids, including those with the records images attached; the number of digitized inventories and catalogues is increasing.

The archival services in these countries continue work to make their reference aids available in the Internet. In Belarus several archival guides and directories have been made available for download in Zip Doc format on the official archival website of this country. Among the major online projects of the Russian archivists are "The Comintern Archive" for the documents of the Russian State Archives of Socio-Political History, the electronic catalogue of documentary films at the Russian State Archives of Documentary Films and Photographs, the Guides to Russian Archives Database etc.

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