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France UNESCO/IFLA Directory of Digitized Collections
Austria Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek - National Library of Austria (Germ, Eng)
Argentina Biblioteca Nacional de la Republica Argentina - National Library of Argentina (Span)
Belarus Electronic Catalog of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences's Library
  Museums and Theatres of the Republic of Belarus (Rus, Eng)
  National Library of Belarus (Rus, Eng)
  National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Rus, Eng)
Great Britain (UK) The British Library (Eng)
Germany Die Deutshe Bibliothek (Germ, Eng)
Italy Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma - The National Central Library of Rome (It, Eng)
Latvia Latvijas Nacionala Bibliotecas - National Library of Latvia (Lat, Eng)
Lithuania The Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (Lit, Eng)
Poland Biblioteca Narodowa w Warszawie - The National Library in Warsaw (Pol, Eng)
Russia The State Historical Museum (Rus)
  The State Historical Public Library of Russia (Rus)
  The State Tretyakov Gallery - The National Museum of Russian Fine Art (Rus, Eng)
  Russian State Library (Rus, Eng)
  Museums of Russia (Rus, Eng)
U.S.A. The Library of Congress
Ukraine The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (Rus, Eng)
France Bibliotheque nationale de France Francaise (Fr, Eng)
Sweden Kungliga Biblioteket. Sverides Nationalbibliotek - The Royal Library. National Library of Sweden (Swed, Eng, partly Germ, Fr, Span, Rus)
Czech Republic Narodni knihovna Ceske Republicu - National Library of the Czech Republic (Cze, Eng)
Estonia Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu - National Library of Estonia (Est, Eng)
Archival news
17 June 2019
BelNIIDAD released Procedural Recommendations for Recordkeeping of Documents Containing Internal Information of Limited Use More >>
10 June 2019
“High Art of Sport” international exhibition opens at the National Center for Contemporary Arts More >>
07 June 2019
BelNIIDAD Director Andrey Rybakov awarded Honorary Diploma of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus More >>
04 June 2019
The official delegation of Malta visited the Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings More >>
03 June 2019
The Department for Archives and Records Management of the Justice Ministry held a board meeting More >>