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13 May 2019
The resolution of the Ministry of Justice of 6 February 2019 No. 19, 20 ratified the new normative legal acts for work with electronic records and their preservation. The resolution of 13 March 2019 No. 39 ratified changes in the Instruction on Records Management in Government Agencies and Other Institutions. Significant changes have also been made in previous year in the Standard Records Schedule, including records subject to tax audit.

In view of the above, on 31 May 2019 the Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) holds a workshop “Electronic and Paper Records. Creation and Preservation”.

The issues on the agenda:

1. Legislation in the field of records and archives management in the Republic of Belarus and responsibility for its violation. Administrative and criminal responsibility.
2. Creation of records on electronic and paper media. Instruction on records management in government agencies and other organizations (with alterations and amendments), Instruction on work with electronic records in government institutions.
2.1. Concept of a record, electronic record, record in an electronic form.
2.2. Attributes of a record. Record forms, officially stamped forms, corner stamps. Requirements to text.
2.3. Creation, presentation and certification of electronic records.
2.4. Preparation and presentation of various types of records (orders, instructions, directives, resolutions, acts, reports, letters etc.).
2.5. Creation of copies.
3. Recordkeeping.
3.1. Records circulation. Receipt, registration, execution and delivery of incoming and outgoing records. Registration of internal records.
3.2. Records tracking.
3.3. File classification plans.
3.4. Filing in recordkeeping.
4. Electronic recordkeeping. Preservation of electronic records.
4.1. Concept of electronic record and record in an electronic form.
4.2. Requirements to creation, presentation and certification of electronic records.
4.3. Specifics of work with electronic records (registration, delivery, filing etc.)
4.4. Preservation of electronic records.
5. Archive aspects in records management.
5.1. Appraisal of records. Expert commissions. Records schedules.
5.2. Changes in records retention periods. Calculation of retention periods for records liable to tax audit.
5.3. Transfer of records to an archive for preservation. Destruction of records.

The Workshop is conducted by BelNIIDAD Director Andrey Rybakov and other high experts, authors of normative acts, manuals and procedural guides in records and archives management.
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