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02 March 2017
On 22 March 2017 the Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) holds a workshop on Institutional Archive: Creation and Organizational Management.


1. Legislation of the Republic of Belarus in archive business and the state control over its observance (rules, lists, instructions and other acts adopted in 2012-2015).

2. Records retention scheduling.
....2.1. Appraisal of records in record keeping and in archive.
....2.2. Records retention schedules (standard and agency-specific schedules, schedules of non-government organizations, schedules of scientific and technical documentation). Specifics of records schedules in various institutions.

3. File classification plans.
....3.1. Procedures for making a file plan in an institution.
....3.2. Participation of an institutional archive in making and confirmation of file plans.

4. Procedure for creating an archive and its organizational management.
....4.1. Types of archives.
....4.2. Archive regulations, job descriptions and other organizational documents.

5. Transfer of records to an institutional archive for preservation. Disposal of records and files with expired retention periods.
....5.1. Requirements to execution of files for transfer to an institutional archive.
....5.2. Creation of file inventories (lists) for transfer to an institutional archive.
....5.3. Creation of combined file inventories in an institutional archive.
....5.4. Destruction of records and files with expired retention periods.

6. Accounting and preservation of records and files in an institutional archive.
....6.1. Accounting of records in an archive, development of finding aids.
....6.2. Preservation of records in an institutional archive (requirements to storage facilities, equipment, conditions and files location)...
....6.3. Making use of records in an institutional archive (handling of inquiries, issue of files).

The workshop is conducted by BelNIIDAD Director A. Rybakov and BelNIIDAD Deputy Director for Scholarly Work S. Zhumar, authors of normative acts, teaching aids and procedural guidances in recods management and archive business.

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