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10 February 2012
The staff members of the State Archives of Grodno Region have prepared a compilation of documents, The Augustow Canal and its Environment.

The scholarly editor of the book is S. Kul-Selvestrova, Ph.D., professor at the Grodno Yanka Kupala State University, who also authored the introduction and commentaries. The commission for documents selection and arrangement was headed by A. Kisel, director at the State Archives of Grodno Region.

In all, the book includes 40 documents which have been published for the first time. Many of them were originally secret but now declassified. The documents are arranged in chronological order from 1945 to 2004 and in the original language without any literary and other corrections. These contain lots of information about the history of the Augustow Canal and the adjacent localities, the work of the starch plant and agricultural factories in the former Sapotkin District, the names of the frontier posts, the damage inflicted by the Nazis in the Second World War, the restoration of the economics and organisation of the cultural public events within the Augustow Canal in the Culture of Three Nations progamme. The book is supplemented with illustrations, maps and drawings.

The book was released by the Slonim press with the funds of the Grodno Region Executive Committee. It is intended for scholars, students and everyone interested in the history of the Nioman Region and Belarus. The book will indeed contribute to the development of tourism in the Grodno region.
09 February 2012
The Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Science (BelNIIDAD) issued the procedural recommendations on Ensuring Optimum Conditions for Storage of Paper Records of the National Archival Holdings of the Republic of Belarus.

The recommendations describe the requirements for archive buildings and facilities and the storage of records on paper media. They also dwell on the issues of records preservation during their storage, transferrence, usage and transportation.

The guidelines are intended for institution heads, archivists, workers in museums and libraries which hold manuscript collections, builders.

The Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Science (BelNIIDAD) issued the Album of Forms of Organizational-Administrative Records with Commentaries (based on the unified record forms in the Unified Administrative Records System).

The Album offers examples for the formation of records based on the unified record forms included in the Unified Administrative Records System (USORD), adopted by order of the director at the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Justice Ministry of the Republic of Belarus of 14.05.2007 ¹ 25.
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