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27 May 2011
The Records Management Technical Committee held its organizing meeting in Minsk on 18 May 2011. Attending the meeting were representatives of the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Republic of Belarus, The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the Operational and Analytical Centre under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian Research Centre of Electronic Records, the Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD), the Belarusian State Archives of Scientific and Technical Documentation, the Belarusian State University, the Institute of Applied Software Systems, the Electronic Office Company, and the Belarusian Automobile Plant.

The participants discussed and approved the Draft Regulation of the Committee and a list of standards required for development. Authorized representatives of the organisations concerned with the Committee's work adopted the Committee’s structure and membership. Andrei E. Rybakov, BelNIIDAD director was elected Chairman of Records Management Technical Committee. Natalia S. Maksimova, research assistant at BelNIIDAD documentation department was elected executive secretary.

The Records Management Technical Committee is intended to serve as a basis for cooperation between the government bodies, archival institutions and other interested organisations for work in the national, intergovernmental and international (regional) standardisation in the area of records management. In particular, the Committee has plans to review the State Standards of the Republic of Belarus and to adopt at national level a number of international standards in this sphere.

Interinstitutional cooperation within the framework of the Records Management Technical Committee is highly important for implementing a unified coordinated policy of standardisation in the field of records management and archival business in the country in line with current trends and international practices.
23 May 2011
The Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Science (BelNIIDAD) has released a new book of documents entitled Unknown Dunin-Martsinkevich. Biography Documents from the National Historical Archives of Belarus.

The book contains documents from the National Historical Archives of Belarus relating to the life of a founder of the new Belarusian literature, Vintsent Dunin-Martsinkevich (1808-1884).

The book is intended for historians, documentary editors, literary critics, philologists, archivists, specialists in local lore, and students.

16 May 2011
12 May 2011, A Workshop on Topical Issues in Development and Use of Electronic Archives was held in Minsk. It was organised by the Belarusian Research Centre of Electronic Records and the Institute of Applied Software Systems at the Ministry of Communications and Informatisation with the assistance of the Swedish Agency for International Development.

The workshop aimed to discuss the current practices and prospects in the development of electronic archives in the Republic of Belarus with consideration of foreign practices and the perspectives of e-government concept. More than 100 people attended the workshop. Among the participants were archive specialists, government officials, representatives of the institutions who develop information systems and those who run electronic archives or plan to create them in the near future.

The workshop consisted of two consecutive sections. The first was named "The Strategy for Advancement and Development of Electronic Archives", the second "Technical Systems and Practices in Management of Electronic Archives". In all, nine reports were given on theoretical, practical and legal issues in electronic archives management. The workshop participants acquainted with the practices of implementation of such archives at the National Agency of Sweden for Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration (Lantmateriet), the National Cadastral Agency at the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the Institute of Applied Programme Systems, the Fund for Social Protection at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and the Interbank Settlement System at the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.
16 May 2011
12 May 2011, the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus adopted Draft Law On Archives Administration in the Republic of Belarus in its first reading.

Minister for Justice of Belarus Viktor Golovanov delivered a report on the draft law and answered the questions of House of Representatives members. The Director of the Department for Archives and Records Management Vladimir Adamushko took part in the discussions on the draft law in the session of the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives Permanent Commission for Education, Culture, Science and Scientific-Technical Progress was authorised to finalise the draft law with consideration of the received proposals and comments and submit it for second reading at the ninth session of the National Assembly House of Representatives of the fourth convocation.
04 May 2011
28 April 2011, the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus received the software for the Electronic Database of Belarusian Villages Burnt during the Great Patriotic War. The database has been developed by the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics by request of the Belarusian Peace Foundation which coordinates an international project entitled Enhancing the Status of the Survivors of the Burnt Villages of Belarus.

The electronic database includes the following data:
1. Name of locality;
2. Current administrative division;
3. Military administrative subordination;
4. Number of households and population before the war;
5. Number of destroyed households and population;
6. Date of destruction;
7. Finding aids and data sources (archives, fonds, inventory, file, literature).

The second part of the database includes scanned archive documents, photographs, survivor's recollections of the tragedy in each village.

The database makes possible not only to search for information but also to conduct analysis on the number of burnt villages by district, region, year of destruction.

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