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28 April 2011
26 April 2011, an exhibition was opened at the Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine in Kiev to mark the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

At the exhibition’s opening, the Archival Service of Belarus was represented by the alternate director of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, Nikolai K. Rudakovsky.

The organizers of the exhibition are the State Archival Service of Ukraine, the Federal Archival Agency of the Russian Federation and the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

The Belarusian archivists presented copies of 42 documents and photographs from the holdings of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings and the State Archives of Gomel Region.

04 April 2011
31 March 2011, an exhibition of documents was opened at the exhibition hall of the Old Castle in Grodno to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War.

The exhibition is a joint project of the Grodno State Historical-Archaeological Museum and the State Archives of Grodno Region. On display are 40 archive documents that were previously stamped as confidential. These documents are now declassified and opened for access.

The exhibition runs until 3 June 2011.

01 April 2011
On 29 March 2011 the Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings, a leading archival institution and the only repository of audiovisual records in the country, celebrated its Jubilee.

The Archives was founded in 1941, when the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR adopted a resolution to create the State Archival Fonds and an archives network in the Soviet Union. As on 1 May 1948, the Archives held 6,530 photographic documents (negatives and positives) only. For comparison, presently the Archives holds over 250,000 photographic records, 37,000 film items, and nearly 15,000 sound recordings.

The Archives holds valuable photographic and film documents relating to the history of our country.

The Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings is a major repository of unique records and a research institution for the acquisition, preservation, description and utilization of records. The Archives is a permanent participant in the republic-level and international scholarly conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops.

01 April 2011
With the approach of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War, the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus participates in a new international project entitled Enhancing the Status of the Survivors of the Burnt Villages of Belarus. This two-year project is part of the Meeting Place Dialogue Programme financed by the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future German Foundation, which made payments to the victims of Nazi persecution and continues to finance projects for assisting people who suffered from Nazi crimes.

The main purpose of the project is humanitarian. The project intends to attract the public's attention to the fate of the survivors of the burnt Belarusian villages and to assist them in solving social problems.

The project's second part is scholarly. There are plans to organise documentary exhibitions, round tables, meetings between generations, etc. A book of documents "The Tragedy of Belarusian Villages. 1941—1944" has been prepared and given to the publishers. An electronic database of burnt Belarusian villages is being compiled, to provide data on the number of burnt households and population, the dates when the villages were burnt, and the data sources. In addition, the database contains archive documents, photographs and the survivor's recollections of the tragedy.

On 28 March 2011, the National Archives of Belarus had a meeting with the surviving resident of the burnt village of Skirmuntovo in Derzhinsk district, Zinaida Petrovna Levanets, and the survivor of the burnt village of Gondarevo in Slutsk district, Stefanida Viktorovna Dovnar. Their accounts about the burning of villages by Nazis were recorded and will be used in the electronic database. The archive’s staff acquainted the guests with the documents relating to the tragedy of those villages.

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