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30 June 2010
On 22 June 2010, the State Archives of Brest Region received the participants of the 10th International Conference "Lessons from the Holocaust", which was organised by the Holocaust Research and Educational Center (Moscow) and took place on 21-23 June 2010 in Brest.

The participants included high school students and teachers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Rumania taking up the subject of the Jewish genocide during the Second World War. Among the quests was the witness of those tragic events, Roman Levin, who at the age of 12 stayed at the Brest ghetto and miraculously escaped an inevitable death.

The co-chairman of the Holocaust Center, I.A. Altman, reported of the Center’s long-term cooperation with the State Archives of Brest Region and told how the archive’s records were used for the documentary film "Brest Ghetto", released by the Moscow cinematographers in 1994.

The Archive’s director, A.G. Karapuzova, informed the participants about the contents of the archives from the Occupation period relating to the tragic fate of the Jewish population of Brest, and demonstared the most interesting documents on the topic.

The annual meetings at the Archives have already become a tradition and take place every 22 June (the day of the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War) during the past ten years.

04 June 2010
A two-volume book "The Prague Spring and the International Crisis 1968" was presented to the public at the Russian State Archives of Contemporary History (RGANI) on 2 June 2010. The book was prepared as part of the international research project. The first volume is an edition of documents, including records from the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus; the second includes articles on the subject.

The speakers at the presentation were RGANI’s director N.G. Tomilina, chief of the Federal Archival Agency of Russia A.N. Artizov, director at the Austrian Boltzmann Institute for Research on War Consequences S. Karner, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Austria to Russia Ě. Klestil-Loffler, director at the History Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.O. Chubaryan, and rector at the Russian State University of the Humanities E.I. Pivovar.

Among the participants at the presentation was the director of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, V.D. Selemenev.
04 June 2010
The Russian archivists and the Society of Church History Amateurs released a documentary edition "Russian Orthodox Church in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945". In the preparation of the edition participated the Belarusian and Ukrainian archivists.

The book includes documents from the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, the state archives of the Vitebsk and Mogilev regions.

03 June 2010
The Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archival Studies (BelNIIDAD) released the methodical recommendations "Work with Especially Valuable Records in State Archives of the Republic of Belarus".

This procedural guidance dwells on principles and methods of work with especially valuable documents on different media (except for electronic records) selected for the preservation by the State.

03 June 2010
The State Archives of Public Organizations of Gomel Region presents a documentary exhibition on 65 Years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The exhibition features photographs and documents from the Great Patriotic War: about the creation of underground party centres in the Gomel region, a letter to Joseph Stalin on the occassion of the liberation of Gomel from the Nazi occupiers, data on the number of people forcibly deported by the Nazis during the occupation of the Gomel region, about the liberation of the Soviet people from the concentration camp at Ozarichi and more.

Also on display are documents from the collection of personal papers of V.D. Vetoshkin and G.K. Denisenko, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Heroes of the Soviet Union.
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