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04 December 2017
The 24th international scientific conference “Documentation in Information Society: Key Issues in Electronic Records Management” was held on 21-22 November 2017 in Moscow. The conference was organized by the Eurasian regional branch of the International Council on Archives (EURASICA), the Federal Archival Agency of Russia (Rosarhiv), and the All-Russian Research Institute of Documentation and Archival Science (VNIIDAD).

The conference brought together representatives from Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Uzbekistan. In all, about 200 people participated.

The archival service of Belarus was represented by members of the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Justice Ministry T. Stolina and N. Loktionova, Director of the Belarusian Research Institute of Documentation and Archival Science (BelNIIDAD) A. Rybakov, Deputy Director of the Belarusian Research Center of Electronic Records L. Signevich, and the Chief Archivist at the Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings (BGAKFFD) A. Kot (who made a report “On BGAKFFD practices in acquisition, preservation, inventory and use of audiovisual electronic records”).

In all, over 60 reports and speeches were made during the plenary sessions, round tables and work sections. The reports were mainly devoted to two topics: “Electronic records management: theoretical and practical questions” and “Information technologies in records management and archive business”.

A brief synopsis of the conference can be found in the Russian version of the website.

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