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12 September 2017
At the beginning of a new school year the State Archives of Minsk Region held an excursion for students of the law class at Higher School No 67 in Minsk. The law class is under the supervision of the Interior Administration of Moskovsky District in Minsk.

Ms. Lyubov Trepashko, Chief Inspector for Agitation and Propaganda at Moskovsky District Interior Administration visited the event.

During the excursion the law students learned about the history of the archive business in the country, the history and activities of the State Archives of Minsk Region, visited the archive depositories and the reading room.

The students were shown the original documents relating to the activity of the Belarusian militia and police, including the instruction by the People’s Commissariat of Interior and the People’s Commissariat of Justice dated 20 October 1918 “On organization of the Soviet Workers and Peasants Militia”, the circular on renaming the militia as the workers and peasants guard of the Lithuanian-Belarusian SSR in 1919, the order by the Revolutionary Military Council of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus on admission of the Red Army soldiers to the militia etc. The students could also see a criminal file for horse theft in 1924, a warrant of search and seizure in the 1928 case etc.

In addition, the students became acquainted with restoration and binding works and the unique working of the disinfection chamber at the Central Laboratory for Microfilming and Restoration of Records of the National Archival Holdings of the RB.

Law students of Minsk High School No 67 visit the State Archives of Minsk Region

Law students of Minsk High School No 67 visit the State Archives of Minsk Region

Law students of Minsk High School No 67 visit the State Archives of Minsk Region

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