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12 July 2017
Nelya A. Borovik, Director of the Local State Archives in Glubokoe took part in the Summer School for Archivists in CIS Countries held in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan between 26 and 30 June 2017.

The organizers were the Archives of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Institute for History and Archives of the Russian State University for the Humanties (RGGU), and the Faculty of History, Archaeolgy and Ethnology of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

The issues on the agenda included electronic records management in recordkeeping and in archives, acquisition of personnel records, automation of main processes in archive business and upgrading of archival equipment.

The speakers at the event were Director of the Archives of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Prof. Boris Dzhaparov («Practices, innovations and perspectives of the the Archives of the President of Kazakhstan in the 21st century»), Director of the RGGU Humanities Archives, Prof. Filipp Taratorkin («Archives and politics in Russia in the 20th century», «The University Archives: concept, tasks and practices», «Archival studies in the academic biography of Russian and Soviet historians in the 20th century»), Doctor of History, Prof. Mikhail Larin («Electronic records management in recorkeeping and in archives (world experience)».

The practical part included lectures-presentations on new technologies in archival storage of original records and their backup copies, and in modern archive facilities on the example of the leading archives in Europe. Of special interest was a presentation of the online reading room with remote access at the Archives of the President of Kazakhstan.

The participants were given a tour of the Archives of the President of Kazakhstan, a museum, library and press centre of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the Central State Archives of Scientific and Technical Documentation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Central State Archives in Almaty.

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