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Survey of documents relating to architectural works located on Independence Avenue in Minsk City - between Kalinin Square and the Residential District Uruchie

Belarusian State Archives of Scientific and Technical Documentation

Name of architectural work Date of construction and annotations Name of archival document Date of archival document Fond/Inventory number File number
Main entrance to the Cheliuskintsev Park and the Botanical Gardens of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus 1953-1955; project author, honourary architect of Belarus G.V. Sysoev 3 photographs 1955 127/1 24
Minsk Watch Plant 1954-1964; assembly plant - project authors honourary architects of Belarus N. Spigelman, S. Botkovski, I. Bovt; engineering building - project authors architects V. Rogov, V. Kulikov, N. Iagudina Project Statement, working drawings 1953-1978 18/2 1443-1708
Belarusian Agrarian Technical University (formerly Belarusian Institute of Agriculture Mechanization) 1952-1958; project author honourary architect of Belarus M.I. Baklanov Project Statement, Working Design 1952-1958 3/1ï 1097-1119
Children's Railroad named after Zaslonov Opened July 9, 1955. The total length - 3 790m with 5 stops Project Statement, Working Design 1949-1955 1/1 1651-1671
Film Studio "Sovetskaia Belarus" (not survived) Church building redesigned to the film studio Detail & Working Design 1948-1954 3/3 505-507
Film Studio "Belarusfilm" 1960 1 photograph 1953 127/1 29
Republic's Hydrometeorological Centre (formerly Minsk Hydrometeorological Observatory) 1934; project author Volodko Design, photocopy 1933 105/1 2
Production building of the Hydrometeorological Service 1966; project author I. Levin Project Statement, Working Design 1966 10/1 2444-2465
Vostok-1 Residential District Constructed since 1966; architects P. Volchok, L. Gafo, V. Anikin, G. Gorina, E. Diatlov, I. Zhuravlev, I. Popova, G. Sysoev, A. Gul, E. Spianik Article by G.V. Sysoev, honourary architect of Belarus 1974 127/1 10
Area of Independence Avenue along the Residential District Vostok-1   12 photographs 1972-1979 127/1 48
Area of Independence Avenue between Volgogradskaia Street and Moskovski Bus Terminal the 1960s Working Design for the area improvement 1960-1961 3/1 1588-1590
Eastern Cemetry On the site of the village cemetry Project Statement, Working Design 1952 10/1 686-687
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