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List of publications about Korol

Belarusian State Archives of Scientific and Technical Documentation
Fond 51, Opis 1

Document name

Document date

File number

Number of sheets (photographs)

Article Kamsamolskaia Vuchneuskaia Brygada - Pershaia by Shimanovich in the newspaper Udarnik Koidanaushchyny [1st half of the 1930s] 229 1
Article Ul. Karol - Tsentralnaia Figura Kliasy by Zabolotskaia in the newspaper Udarnik Dziarzhynshchyny [1st half of the 1930s] 227  
Article Tvortsa i Budaunik by I.B. Elentukh about the deputy to the Supreme Council of the BSSR V.A. Korol June 22, 1963 78 1
Article Vladimir Adamovich Korol by A.V. Lysenko for the collection Peoples' Architects of the USSR 1981 79 15
Articles by A. Lysenko and I. Elentukh on the occasion of Korol's 70th anniversary 1982 80 32
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