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Nation-State Formation in Belarus in 1918-1920s

Zonal State Archives in Glubokoe

Description of holdings

Amount of holdings: 928 fonds, , 300 928 items

Chronological scope: from 1918-1920, 1939-1941, 1944 to the present

Geographical coverage:

  • abolished Vidzy, Disna and Dunilovichi districts of the abolished Polotsk and later Molodechno regions
  • abolished Begoml district of the Minsk region
  • abolished Plisa district of the abolished Polotsk and later Molodechno regions, and later of the Vitebsk region
  • Braslav, Glubokoe, Dokshitsy, Miory, Postavy and Sharkovshchina districts of the Vitebsk region


The main bulk of the archive's holdings are the documents created by the district and town deputies' councils and their divisions, various inspections, village councils, collective and state farms, records of courts, prosecutor's, labour organizations, statistical institutions, industrial and educational agencies.

Records of the district executive committees and village councils contain documents on the economic damage attributable to the Nazi occupation in WWII and the postwar restoration of national economics; materials concerning the developments in industry, transportation, communication, agriculture, construction, trade, catering, and consumer services.

Records of agricultural and forestry institutions throw light on the collectivization of agriculture and the organization of state farms, agricultural artels and communes, and machine-&-tractor stations; these contain data on land nationalization, land tenure, forest management and timber purchasing, and more.

The fonds of courts, prosecutor's and notary offices contain courts decisions in civil and criminal cases, agreements of sale, gift and building, etc.

The fonds of educational agencies and institutions, health institutions, and the culture divisions at the district executive committees illuminate the issues of public education, culture, health care, and sports.

The Archives holds personal papers of honorary citizens of Glubokoe District - Heroes of Socialist Labour M. A. Klimenko and L. K. Pugovko; Honorary Teachers of the BSSR N. P. Bolshakova, E. M. Diagileva, N. I. Eremyonok and A. A. Sobolevsky; Honorary Archivists of Belarus L. A. Molchun and Z. N. Roslevich; poets M. Ya. Borovik, V. G. Gonorovich and N. M. Zakharevich; Members of the National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences Prof. A. G. Moiseyonok and Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Prof. V. P. Samsonov; documents of the participants in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945: V. I. Berezovsky, I. I. Demyanchik, I. G. Roslevich, A. F. Savitsky, A. D. Svirko, L. U. Tesyul, G. N. Shulga, V. L. Yurgel.

The Archives has a collection of personnel records of non-government organizations and individual businessmen.

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