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Nation-State Formation in Belarus in 1918-1920s

Zonal State Archives in Glubokoe

Historical background

The Archives was established in 1940 as the Glubokoe District Archive. 

In World War Two, during the German occupation of Belarus (1941-1944) the Archives did not work; its documents did not survive. In June 1944, after the liberation of Belarus the Archives resumed its work. 

In November 1963, with the liquidation of the district (municipal) archives the Branch of the State Archives of Vitebsk Region in Glubokoe was established on the basis of the Braslav, Glubokoe, Dokshitsy, Miory, Postavy and Sharkovshchina district archives. The Archives also acquired documents of the liquidated Begoml, Vidzy, Dunilovichi and Plisa district archives.

In May 1996, the Archives received its present name of the Zonal State Archives in Glubokoe.

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