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Nation-State Formation in Belarus in 1918-1920s

Official documents relating to Kit's life & activities

Belarusian State Archive of Scientific & Technical Documentation (BGANTD)
Personal Fond 175, Opis 1

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Vilnia (Vilnius) High School leaving certificate Polish.
June 26, 1928 26 1 2
Documents certifying Kit's working as a teacher at the Vilnia High School Polish.
1932-1936 27 3 3
Certificate of master's degree in philosophy & the certificate of high school teacher Polish.
1933, 1934 28 2 3
Invitation cards to conferences, symposia & congresses on space issues German.
1972-1988 29 18 18
Honorary diplomas, certificates of distinguished service awarded to B. Kit by the USA Transport Department, Maryland University, and burgomaster of the city of Leimen for his faithful work at the U.S. Transport Department, his teaching accomplishments at the Maryland University, and for strengthening friendship between Belarus and the city of Leimen in Germany English and German.
1972-1994 30 3 4
Ph.D. certificate German.
June 24, 1983 31 1 1
Lists of veteran faculty members at the European Division of the University of Maryland with short annotations (including B. Kit) English.
1990, 1993 39 2 8
Documents concerning the establishment of the Belarusian National University and its branches: B. Kit's speech, letters with request for financial assistance, university programme Belarusian, English, German October 9, 1992 - April 8, 1994 32 8 25
Diploma of member of the International Astronautics Academy, and diploma of Honorary Doctor of Sciences of the Grodno Kupala State University English, Belarusian.
1994 33 2 2
Letter of gratitude of the Novogrudok City Council to B. Kit for the donation of his personal archive to the Novogrudok Regional Museum Belarusian.
(1994) 34 1 1
Summary of contribution to astronautics by B. Kit; list of Kit's reports at the Hermann Oberth Society German.
Typescript. Copy
(1994) 35 2 3
Reviews of the Grodno Kupala University's teachers concerning B. Kit's doctoral dissertation Belarusian.
(1995) 42 1 5
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