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Zonal State Archives in Bobruisk

Finding aids

Number of inventories (opisi) — 2 021

Fond-specific indexes

Subject (alphabetical, by branch)

Fond 2 People's Court of District 1 in Bobruisk
Fond 3 People's Court of District 2 in Bobruisk
Fond 22 Finance Department at the Bobruisk District Executive Committee
Fond 48 Klichev District Executive Committee
Fond 141 Bobruisk Okrug Executive Committee
Fond 354 Bobruisk State Notary's Office
Fond 380 Finance Department at the Bobruisk Okrug Executive Committee
Fond 626 Finance Department at the Kirovsk District Executive Committee
Fond 1119 Trade Department at the Bobruisk Region Executive Committee
Fond 1124 Education Department at the Bobruisk Region Executive Committee
Fond 1157 Resettlement and Repatriation Department at the Bobruisk Region Executive Committee
Fond 1292 Bobruisk Children's Detention Center
Fond 1455 Finance Department for Kirovsk District
Fond 1690 Finance Department for Klichev District
Fond 1930 Liquidated Collective Farms in Bobruisk District
Fond 1938 Finance Department at the Osipovichi District Executive Committee
Fond 2104 Finance Department for Osipovichi District
Fond 2130 Finance Department for Glusk District
Fond 2157 Finance Department at the Glusk District Executive Committee

Internal inventories

Collection of small-size fonds of liquidated collective farms in the districts of Bobruisk (Fond 1930), Glusk (Fond 2130), Klichev (Fond 1455) and Osipovichi (Fond 2104)

Collection of documentary materials on personnel of enterprises and institutions in the districts of Bobruisk, Glusk, Klichev and Osipovichi


Systematic catalogue 35 032 cards

Specialized card indexes

Physical state and classification of fonds (966 cards)

History of institutions - sources of records acquisition (752 cards)

Work with institutions in List ¹ 1 (300 cards)

Liquidated organizations (802 cards)

Pupils of children's homes in Bobruisk region (4 124 cards)

Fonds of the Bobruisk Children Placement Centre (4 766 cards)


State Archives of Gomel and Mogilev Regions. Directory 1917-1941. Minsk, 1970.

Information and reference materials

1 235 items

Reference library

1 846 items

The Library holds the Small Soviet Encyclopaedia, the Belarusian Soviet and Soviet historical encyclopaedias, historical literature, dictionaries etc.

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