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List of documents relating to Korol's correspondence

Belarusian State Archives of Scientific and Technical Documentation
Fond 51, Opis 1

Document name

Document date

File number

Number of sheets (photographs)

Letter from the Russian Academy of Arts to the military commissar of Leningrad asking for the delay of conscription for the postgraduate student V.A. Korol 1942 211 1
Letter of Prof. A. Stramentsov concerning the sequence of construction of the railway tunnels in Minsk 1954 212 10
Letter of congratulation from Prof. A.P. Mukhina on the occasion of Korol's awarding with the BSSR State Prize January 3, 1969 28 1
Letter of congratulation from A.K. Sretenskaia on the occasion of Korol's awarding with the title of the Honored Architect of the USSR October 25, 1970 29 2
Letters from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus, and the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the BSSR with invitations to various meetings and sessions, and concerning the work of the Supreme Council sessions and other issues 1967-1979 70, 71, 73 32
Letters and appeals from electors to the deputy of the BSSR Supreme Council V.A. Korol, concerning the legal and common issues and the documents attached to those letters 1967-1971 72 88
Letters of the USSR Architects' Union and the BSSR Architects' Union concerning Korol's participation in the plenary meeting of the USSR Architects' Union, the union membership re-registration, and the submission of the list of executed works 1956-1972 74 5
Letters from the design and research institutions, the USSR Academy of Arts concerning cooperation issues 1960-1980 75 18
Letters from the director of the "BelNIIgiproselstroi" Design Institute, and the deputy head of the Gomel Oblast Administration for Construction and Architecture to the chairman of the State Committee for Construction of the BSSR V.A. Korol, concerning the foundation of a design and technological institute in Minsk, the construction of a housebuilding plant in Gomel, and other issues 1973-1974 76 11
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