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Zonal State Archives in Orsha


Address: ul. Komsomolskaia, 21, Orsha, Vitebsk Oblast, 211391, Belarus
Telephone: +375 (216) 51 20 30, 53 36 69, 51 07 83, fax 51 20 31 
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00
Reference Desk Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 8:00-17:00, Wdn 8:00-20:00, Sat 9:00-13:00
Reading Room Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00

Director: Olesya Mikhailovna Bergovina

New on the site
14 February 2019
The website presents an online exhibition of documents “The legal foundations of administration in Belarusian lands in 14th-18th centuries” More >>
Archival news
18 March 2019
An exhibition of historical documents “25 Years of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus” More >>
26 February 2019
The State Archives in Glubokoe held celebrations dedicated to International Mother Language Day More >>
22 February 2019
BelNIIDAD released 5th edition of the Album of Organizational and Administrative Documents More >>
22 February 2019
BelNIIDAD released a directory “The bodies of local government and self-government in the Republic of Belarus in 1991-2010” More >>
01 February 2019
The National Archives of the Republic of Belarus hosted a presentation of the Belarusian-Russian collection of documents “The Restoration of Agriculture in Belarus:1943-1945” More >>