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List of documents relating to church architecture
17th, 18th and 20th centuries
Brest Region

Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings

Locality Name of church building Construction date and annotations Document name and date File number
the city of Brest (formerly Brest-Litovsk) St. Nicholas' Church of the Fraternity 1904-1906 Photograph of the church building; before 1918 0-30070
Baranovichi district, the town of Baranovichi Intercession Cathedral 1924-193; Neo-Classicism; National Cultural Heritage Object (2nd category) Photograph of the cathedral building; 1988 1-14139
Gantsevichi district, the town of Gantsevichi Catholic Church 1999 Photograph showing the opening ceremony of the church; 1999 0-148591
Pinsk district, the town of Pinsk Complex of the Fransciscan Monastery (within the fence boundaries) 1510, 1712-1730; Baroque; International Cultural Heritage Object (1st category) Photograph of the monastery view; 1984 0-122222
      Photograph of the monastery view after reconstruction; 1991 0-132082
  Catholic Church of St. Charles Barromei 1770-1782; Baroque; National Cultural Heritage Object (2nd category) Photograph of the church building; 1980 0-142816
  St. Theodore's Cathedral the 1990s Photograph of the church building; 2001 0-151497
Stolin district, the town of David-Gorodok St. George's Church 1724-1726; wooden architecture; National Cultural Heritage Object (2nd category) Photograph of the church building - the 18th c. wooden architecture monument; 1970 0-120779
12 April 2018
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