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Legal foundations of administration in Belarus in XIV-XVIII cc.

Genealogical records for Krasnaia Sloboda District, 1926, 1929, 1930, 1932

State Archives of Minsk Region

Territorial unit Name of record Date of record Fond/Inventory number File number
The whole district List of citizens born in the Krasnaia Sloboda district between 1850 and 1929, whose birth certificates were written in 1929 1929 31/1 6
Malyshevichi selsovet, the village of Malyshevichi Case on individual taxation 1932 1715/2 57
Semezhevo selsovet, the village of Semezhevo Instructions by the Slutsk Military Registration and Enlistment Office. List of conscripts 1926 1715/2 61
Zamogilie selsovet, the village of Zamogilie Case on individual taxation 1930 1715/2 53
  Minutes of the board of the Budenny Collective Farm regarding the taxation of individuals 1932 1715/2 56
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