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List of documents relating to Korol's service and social activities

Belarusian State Archives of Scientific and Technical Documentation
Fond 51, Opis 1

Document name

Document date

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Documents concerning Korol's admission to the Architects' Union of the USSR, concerning his awarding with the academic status of seniour lecturer, etc. 1942, 1954 179 3
Directives of the head of the Administration for Architectural Affairs under the Council of Ministers of the BSSR, relating to Korol's activities 1945-1949 181 7
The programme and provisions for the design of the monument to Soviet Army soldiers and partisans who perished in WWII on Kruglaia Square (now Victory Square) in Minsk, documents relating to the design competition 1947, 1950 183, 184 10
Edict of the Presidium of the BSSR Supreme Council concerning Korol's appointment as chairman of the State Committee for Construction and Architecture under the BSSR Council of Ministers September 28, 1955 189 1
Korol's reports at conferences, meetings, and Party activisits' sessions, concerning the development of national economy, village construction, the development and correction of town master plans, the work of the State Committee for Construction 1952-1975 35-42, 187, 191, 192 328
Korol's speeches at congresses and plenary meetings of the BSSR Communist Party, sessions of the BSSR Supreme Council, at the international congresses and conferences, concerning the issues of construction, architecture, town planning and development, school and capital construction, the draft act on protection and use of  historical and cultural monuments, Korol's speeches addressed to his electors - workers and collective farmers of the Liozno, Senno, and Chaussy districts, Korol's speeches at congresses and plenary meetings of the USSR and BSSR architects' unions 1952-1975 43-52, 64-69, 188, 190, 195 751
Documents relating to Korol's business trip to London, Great Britain, for the session of the European Economics Commission, his trip within the builders' delegation to the German Democratic Republic, his work in the Committee for Housing, Construction and Town Planning in Geneva, Switzerland 1962-1972 54, 55, 196 376
Documents related to the press conference given by the chairman of the BSSR State Committee for Construction V.A. Korol, and the TV programme Television Press Centre 1956-1957 56, 57 211
Documents relating to Korol's nomination as a candidate to the BSSR Supreme Council (posters, telegrams, newspaper clips)  1968 197 7
Documents concerning the opening of the Memorial Complex Brest Fortress-Hero (programme, list of events, pass to the rostrum). The state commission's report for acceptance of the memorial complex 1971 201, 202 11
Documents relating to Korol's work at the Committee for the USSR Lenin and State Prizes in Literature, Arts and Architecture (work schedules, correspondence, concert programs, etc.) 1971-1978 62, 63 264
Resolution of the Chief Committee at the Exhibition of Achievements of the USSR National Economy (VDNKh) concerning Korol's awarding with the gold medal and money bonus for the architectural and layout design of Lenin Avenue in Minsk (now Independence Avenue) March 24, 1969 198 1
Edict of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council concerning Korol's awarding with the honorable title of the People's Architect of the USSR October 20, 1970 199 1
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