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List of official documents relating to Korol's biography

Belarusian State Archives of Scientific and Technical Documentation
Fond 51, Opis 1

Document name

Document date

File number

Number of sheets (photographs)

Letters of reference given to V.A. Korol 1925-1955 27, 162, 210 12
Certificates of Korol as a student of the Gzhatsk Nine-Year School, as a student of the Vitebsk Art School, etc. 1928-1944 164 26
Korol's autobiographies, personal file, personnel card 1942, 1950-1956 27, 137, 165, 168 39
Photocopies of the student's certificate and record-book of the student of the Russian Academy of Arts V.A. Korol 1940 171 1
Honorable diploma given to V.A. Korol on graduating from the Russian Academy of Arts 1941 172  
Documents on Korol's military service 1941, 1944 173 2
Certificate issued to V.A. Korol for his trip to Germany and Austria to gather material for his creative work 1945 167 3
Certificates of Korol as a deputy of the BSSR Supreme Council, as a candidate to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus, as a Honorable Builder of the BSSR, etc. 1959-1978 166 22
Certificate of the senior lecturer V.A. Korol 1954 169 4
Diplomas of Korol as a best worker, for social activities, for comleting the construction of the memorial complex Brest Fortress-Hero, etc. 1933, 1971-1972 170, 174, 175 9
Invitation cards to various meetings, conferences, sessions and parties 1948, 1960, 1972, 1974, 1980 30, 185 23
Letters of congratulation from the Party and State functionaries, the Committee for Lenin and State Prizes, etc. 1970-1980 31  
Korol's visit cards and visit cards sent to Korol from the men of science and culture 1970-1980 32 8
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