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Genealogical records for Minsk Uezd, 1919 - 1925

State Archives of Minsk Region

Territorial unit Name of record Date of record Fond/Inventory number File number
The whole uezd Wage sheets for the employees of the medical department of the Minsk Uezd Executive Committee (local medical offices, drugstores, hospitals) 1919 9/1 51, 52, 53
  Teachers' applications for employment; their certificates 1920 9/1 62
  Lists of the deserters being under arrest 1920 543/3 4
  Certificates of the Uezd Executive Committee's staff 1920, 1921 9/1 58 - 60
  Stubs of servicemen's leave certificates 1921 543/3 4
  Lists of the Red Army men for getting allowances at the transit point 1921 543/1 4
  Provisions' certificates for the servicemen 1921 543/1 2
  Wage sheets for the officials of the volost and uezd executive committees, for the officials of  village councils 1921 - 1923 9/1 10, 55, 56, 57, 63 - 67
  Personal files of the uezd and volost executive committees' officials 1921 - 1924 9/1 74 - 81, 83, 85 - 96
  Applications for devorce 1922 9/1 68
  Deprivation of the Tserliukhovichi's property 1923 9/1 27
  Correspondence on devorce with the uezd executive committees and judges 1923 9/1 30
  Lists of persons subject to the draft for the volosts 1923 9/1 69
  Data on members of the Minsk Uezd Executive Committee, volost committees, village councils 1924 9/1 71, 72
  Staff lists of the Minsk Uezd Police Office, Minsk Uezd Statistical Department, Municipal Improvements Department, Land and Finance Departments 1924 9/1 73
Beloruchie volost Orders of the volost executive committee; lists of the selsovet's citizens for getting rye seeds, and more 1921 1715/2 18
Beloruchie volost, the village of Lekarevka Directives of the volost executive committee; lists of citizens using hired labour, and more 1923 1715/2 19
Beloruchie volost, the village of Luskovo Orders, directives of the People's Committee; family lists of single agricultural tax payers 1923, 1924 1715/2 21
  Lists of citizens having privileges 1923, 1924 1715/2 23
Gaino volost  Lists of persons having two or more horses, and other records 1923, 1924 1715/2 86
Koidanovo volost Lists of payers of the extraordinary revolutionary tax for the volost 1919 9/1 2
Minsk volost Data on organization of agricultural committees in the Minsk volost (minutes of general meetings; instructions and lists of citizens elected to the committees) 1922 1715/1 8
Ostroshitski Gorodok volost Lists of the extraordinary revolutionary tax payers for the volost 1919 9/1 2
  Staff lists of the volost executive committee, village councils, and mutual aid committees 1919 6/1 4
  Lists of payers of agricultural tax for the volost 1922, 1923 1715/2 10
Ostroshitski Gorodok volost, the village of Uruchie Lists of agricultural tax payers 1922, 1924 1715/2 31
  Lists of farm and citizenship tax payers 1922 1715/2 30
  Minutes of citizens' general meetings 1922 1715/2 29
  Minutes of citizens' general meetings, minutes of the joined sessions of the village council and the mutual aid committee 1923 1715/2 32
Semkov Gorodok volost, the village of Drozdovo - Zabolotie Minutes of citizens' general meetings; lists of tax payers, and more 1923 1715/2 12
Shepeli volost, the village of Shepeli Citizens' lists for field crops' insurance and obligatory insurance 1922, 1924, 1925 1715/2 99
Stankovo volost, the village of Stankovo Business trip certificates 1919 1715/1 21
Zasulie volost, the township of Zasulie Certificates for receipt of seeds 1920 1715/3 11

The name of volosts of the Minsk uezd is not ascertained for the localities shown below

Territorial unit Name of record Date of record Fond/Inventory number File number
Borovliany village Lists of payers of single agricultural tax 1923 1715/2 10
Kurgany village Lists of payers of agricultural tax, citizenship tax, tax on farm, and tax on cartage 1921, 1923 1715/2 14
Radoshkovichi village Correspondence concerning the staff of the volost executive committee 1924 6/1 596
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