Genealogical records for Malorita District 1944 – 1950, 1975

State Archives of Brest Region

Territorial unit Name of record Date of record Fond/Inventory number File number
The whole district Data on damage caused by the Occupation to the district residents; lists of residents indicating the building structures in their possession 1944 1084сч/1 6
  Lists of residents indicating the quantity of land, property and buildings they owned before the war; lists of persons who were shot, moved to Germany, and suffered in the Occupation 1944 1084сч/1 7
  Lists of residents who suffered during the Occupation (organised by villages) 1945 1084сч/1 10
  Lists of residents in the Zburazh and Liakhovtsy village communities who were deported to Germany. Data on the number of the district residents who were moved to Germany during the Occupation, the number of communal and individual graves of the Red Army soldiers and Partisans 1946 1084сч/1 20
  Records of awarding mothers having many children with the order “Mother’s Glory” and the “Medal for Motherhood” (proceedings, reports, certificates) 1946-1950 1084сч/1 16
  Lists of participants in World War Two, partisans, and anti-fascist underground resistance members who lived in the area  1975 1084сч/1 767
  Report on awarding the medal “Partisan of Great Patriotic War” to the district resident N. I. Datsyk May 29, 1947 1084сч/1 29
Malorita Data on partisans who died and the number of residential houses and auxiliary buildings destroyed during the Occupation for 1944 1944 463/1 4
  Lists of residents for 1944 1944 463/1 5