Zonal State Archives in Orsha

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Number of inventories (opisi) — 2 218

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Systematic catalogue 47 200 cards
Electronic systematic catalogue 3 932 cards
Geographical сatalogue 2 461 cards
Electronic geographical сatalogue 6 139 cards
Electronic subject catalogue 2 087 cards
Electronic name catalogue 1 568 cards
Personnel catalogue 4 455 cards

Subject surveys

Development of culture in Orsha district 1944-1997
History of the development of culture in Orsha 1944-1995
History of the development of culture in Dubrovno district 1945-1997
History of the development of culture in Tolochin district 1944-1997
Development of culture in Senno district 1944-1995


Guide to Holdings of the Local State Archives in Orsha 1917-2004. Orsha, 2009

Collections of published documents

Private and church holdings in Orsha and Senno districts in the early 20th century. Vitebsk, 2013

People’s education and cultural-educational work in Orsha and Senno districts in 1917-1924: documents and materials. Orsha, 2016

Reconstruction and development of health care in Dubrovno, Orsha, Senno and Tolochin districts (1944-1950): documents and materials. Minsk, 2019

Information and reference materials

1 297 items

Reference library

1 317 books, 29 741 newspapers (261 sets of newspapers), 2 188 magazines (139 sets of magazines)

The Library includes encyclopaedias, collections of laws and edicts of the USSR and BSSR Supreme Council Presidium, collected works of the classics of Marxism-Leninism, collected documents and materials relating to public education, cultural development, Partisan movement, struggle for Soviet power in Belarus, the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders, the restoration of economics in the BSSR, the development of collective and cooperative farms, and church history; reference books on administrative and territorial division, on the history of the towns of Orsha and Vitebsk, the districts of Orsha and Vitebsk, and Belarus as a whole; textbooks on the history of the USSR and BSSR, the history of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, regional studies, architecture, historical geography, history of church and religion, heraldry; periodical editions.