State Archives of Public Organizations of Gomel Region

Description of holdings

Amount of holdings: 3 195 fonds, 469 868 items

Chronological scope: 1871-1888, 1898, from 1901 to the present

Geographical coverage:

  • abolished Gomel Gubernia (province)
  • Gomel Region


The earliest records are represented by the fonds of the Gomel Province Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) History-Party Division for  1871-1888, 1901-1926, which contains directives of the provincial commission for the collection and study of the materials on the history of the Communist Party of Belarus and the October Revolution of 1917; minutes of the commission bureau meetings; documents concerning the February and October revolutions and the Civil War; documents of the police department; correspondence and notes concerning the workers movement in the Gomel region; reminiscences of the revolution members about the revolutionary movement in the Gomel region and the underground work during the German occupation in the town of Gomel (March 1918 – January 1919).

The Archives holds the fonds of the Gomel Communist Party and Komsomol (Youth Communist League) province, uezd, volost, okrug, region, district and town committees, political departments, Party Purge Commissions, district control commissions and workers-&-peasants inspections, factory party committees, the boards of collective and state farms, Party and Komsomol primary organizations.

Records of the period of the Republic of Belarus (from 1991) are represented by the fonds of various political and social organizations in the Gomel region–the regional and town organizations of the United Democratic Party and the United Civil Party, the regional organization of the Belarusian Kniga (The Book) Society, the regional organization of the Belarusian Children’s Fund, and more.

In addition, the Archives holds collections of personal papers related to various individuals, as well as personal files and record cards of the Communist Party members.